GCG Hip Circle *Signature Black/Pink*

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GCG Hip Circle *Signature Black/Pink*


GCG Hip Circle
Our Hip Circles can be used for everything from hip/glute activation and dynamic warm ups, to adding resistance and increasing the glute engagement of your big lifts – and therefore the growth of your glutes. Also great for rehab work to build up glute/hip strength to end that lower back pain!! Suitable for all levels of athletes. 
Not to be confused with ‘Glute bands’ – Our Hip Circles are made from a strong elastic, making them ideal to activate lower body muscles*
Elastic means:
  • Stability – NO ROLLING UP of your band mid exercise!
  • Durability – No snapping like standard rubber bands
  • Flexibility – Sits comfortably in position without digging in, allowing a wide ROM for all compound and isolation variations
Suggested use:
  • Great glute activation warm up for any lower body movement

We recommend doing this at the beginning of EVERY leg session to avoid injury and stimulate growth

  • Game changing tool to improve your form

Our Hip Circles will prompt you to push your knees out during squats / sumo deadlifts – Improving form and recruitment of the desired muscle groups, and therefore progress!

  • THE glute isolation essential

Yes – Accessory movements such as kickbacks, fire hydrants, hip abduction etc are all fabulous. But trust us, you don’t know what a booty pump is until you get isolating with these bands….


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